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General Covid-19 guidelines


Please see the link to the Risk Assessment linked later and review that in addition to below. 

Oue aim is to run a small, safe, socially-distanced event in Wiltshire.  We hope that in addition to your enjoyment of the event, our event lends some much-needed support to the local economy, through any purchases you make with local businesses and use of local accomodation before or after the event. The event is for circa 150 people in 2021. 150 people starting staggered over an hour, moving at different paces, spread over a 50k, 50m, or 100 mile route within a 32-hour time limit, should make for as safe an outdoor event as possible.

Please follow these guidelines.

  • We hope it goes without saying, but please do not travel to the event, if you or anyone you live with has had Covid-19 symptoms in the last 10 days before the event starts, or taken a covid test for which they are still awaiting results

  • You will collect your RFID timing chip and tracker. Our staff/volunteers will sit/stand back from the tables and they will wear a face covering if inside. Hand sanitiser will be available to use. Ensure you remain at 2m distance if there is a queue for the tracker/chip collection

  • We strongly advise that you use the toilet before you arrive at registration (at M-way services etc). We have limited access to toilet facilities at the start, and they cannot be cleaned between uses, so please arrive ready to race.

  • You will not be required to wear a race number (so no pots of safety pins etc). Your tracker has a number printed on it.  This will be your race number too. Put the tracker in the pouch with race number visible

  • Due to potential for cross-contamination in transport, and risk to volunteers, this year there will not be a drop bag or left bag facility

  • You can supply your own crew, but your crew cannot meet you at a village checkpoint (CP) or within half a mile of a CP. This is a disqualification rule, so please ensure your crew are aware. This will ensure that there are no gathering of vehicles within villages.  If you are fortunate to have someone crew for you, please ensure they respect the local towns and villages and meet you somewhere appropriate and considerate

  • You can register/start anytime between 7am and 9am, with a minimum interval between each starter (you can run alone, or socially distanced pair / or small group if the members adhere to government rules or guidlines)

  • Once you have your tracker/chip, you can start straight away.  Your personal race clock will start, as soon as you cross the RFID timing mat on the start line.

  • Be courteous and observe social distancing while passing anyone (public or other runners) on the route

  • Our checkpoints will be staffed by a minimal volunteer roster, usually of only 1-2 people, so that we are keeping visitors to the village hall checkpoints to a minimum

  • Checkpoints will operate in a similar manner to the start. Ideally with tables situated outside, but as we are hiring the halls/community centres so you will be able to go inside and use them/toilets as required. We will limit the number of people entering a venue to a suitable number, depending on venue size. In some cases, this may be a one-in-one-out policy. 

  • In light of recent government changes on face covering, we interpret this as all participants should treat all indoor checkpoints as “take-away venues” and so wear face-covering if going indoors at start/end/CPs. This rule is subject to whatever the government rules/guidelines are at the time of the event. If the CP table is outside wearing a face covering is optional

  • Water will be available in 500ml bottles instead of usual shared taps. You can use these to refill your own drinks bottles then leave the 500ml plastic bottles with us for recycling, and leave any waste for disposal

  • There will be hand sanitiser at CPs, but you may want to bring your own too (for stiles / gates etc)

  • We recommend that you carry more food than normal with you. There will be food at the checkpoints, but this will be reduced/different compared to our usual fayre. All food will be in individual packets or wrappers. i.e. There will not be any shared bows of crisps/nuts/jelly sweets etc

  • The CPs will be social-distanced, fully self-serve, with volunteers positioned back from the main tables. 

  • If you withdraw from the event while on the course you will have to use a taxi/bus or your own crew, because our volunteers are not permitted to car-share will other volunteers or runners. For this reason, if the current government guidelines are still in force, please bring a face covering (buff / mask) to use on public transport

  • There will not be any social gathering inside the finish line venue. Like the checkpoints, we will have water bottles and wrapped snacks outside at the finish, as well as hand sanitiser.

  • At the finish, you will drop your chip and tracker boxes and collect your award

Stay safe and have an enjoyanle event.

Please visit the following site.

The main risks of the race are terrain, road crossings, weather, and becoming lost, pandemic, or a combination thereof.  A risk assessment was completed for the event. It can be downloaded here. Please take the time to review it. The combined information in the RA and above represents our complete assessment,

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